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Rolex Watch Repair Specialists

Call: (412) 521-7364

Rolex Watch Repairs. At William Penn Jewelers in Pittsburgh, we have always loved working on Rolex watches. We specialize in Rolex repair and maintenance. No matter what shape it's in, we'd love to see your Rolex watch and bring it back to life!

Rolex Watch Repairs Pittsburgh
All Rolex Repairs Done On-Site

There's just something about a Rolex! Rolex watches are some of the finest precision instruments ever made in the history of humanity. The name - Rolex - is the very definition of the highest quality luxury. But even a Rolex can be scratched or broken. Whether your Rolex needs maintenance, repairs, or complete restoration, we would love to see it and talk with you about your watch.

Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

We often have pre-owned Rolexes in our stores. Please call us and ask if we have the Rolex watch you're looking for. Or - if you do find a pre-owned Rolex that you like, such as on eBay.com, we can service it for you.


FREE Shipping!

If you send us your Rolex watch for repairs, we'll ship it back to you for FREE. We Ship Worldwide!


Rolex Watch Repair Pledge

We make the following pledge for every Rolex watch or other timepiece brought into our shop for repairs or restoration:


Questions? Please call Michael at (412) 521-7364 today, to discuss your Rolex watch repair needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


Pittsburgh Rolex watch repair specialists