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Pittsburgh PANDORA Dealer located in Squirrel Hill and Regent Square

We are very pleased to carry this beautiful, quality jewelry (and watches) by PANDORA, including PANDORA Beads, PANDORA Charms, and PANDORA Bracelets. Each of our lives are made up of unique special moments, and the PANDORA MOMENTS Charms, beads, and bracelets provide a wonderful way to capture those moments into beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry that reflect each woman's personal story. Something to help remember those treasured moments of our lives.

Please stop by our shops in Squirrel Hill or Regent Square and see this very special jewelry for yourself. Pictures don't do justice to the fine crafstmanship and quality built into each PANDORA Charm and PANDORA Bead:

Beautiful PANDORA murano glass
	beads and bracelet charms are available at William Penn
	Jewelers in Squirrel Hill and Regent Square.


PANDORA Charm Bracelets Make Perfect Gifts!

PANDORA Bracelets and Charms make the perfect gift, because you will always have something to give her in the future. Start with the PANDORA bracelet and two or three beads and charms, and then add more to mark each of the special moments of her life's path gradually over time. The PANDORA bracelet itself isn't really the gift. The gift is the memories and the stories held by the bracelet, where she can always see them and remember her life's journey. And woven with each memory, each charm on her bracelet, is that it's your unique gift to her, created one moment at a time.


The Best Moments LAST FOREVER...

PANDORA Beads and PANDORA Charms provide a way to remember and celebrate all the special moments of your life, no matter how big or how small. Each special moment is a priceless gift that enriches a woman's life. Her unforgettable moments are unique for every woman, but they're always special. Those moments tell a story worth remembering and worth sharing.

There is an appropriate PANDORA Bead or PANDORA Charm for every special moment in your life.


PANDORA MOMENTS jewelry now carried by William Penn
	Jewelers and Watchmakers in Pittsburgh


PANDORA is an exciting collection of interchangeable jewelry with countless possibilites for creating your own unique style. Design your own jewelry that is an expression of your personal creative vision, while creating a beautiful reminder of the most special MOMENTS in your life.

Each piece is hand-finished in sterling silver and 14k gold with superior Danish design. The strength of the PANDORA charm bracelet is the detailed design, the high quality, and the patented threading system.

No two pieces of PANDORA jewelry are exactly alike, just as no two women are exactly alike.

PANDORA Jewelry Repair and PANDORA Watch Repairs

If something happens to your PANDORA jewelry or your PANDORA watch, don't worry! We can repair your PANDORA bracelets, jewelry, and watches on-site: you don't have to send your treasure back to the factory.


Questions? Call Tina and Galina at (412) 247-2747
to learn more about this unique jewelry collection from PANDORA.