Pittsburgh Custom Jewelry Design Process

The custom jewelry designers at William Penn Jewelers can help you find the perfect solution for your custom jewelry design needs, from concept through casting to the final creation of your unique vision.

Step 1. Get Inspired!

Jewelry design begins with spark of inspiration, whether it comes from something you saw somewhere, or from your imagination.

Do you have an idea, but can't see a picture of it clearly in your mind? Then stop by and talk to one of our skilled jewelry craftsmen. We have years of experience creating custom jewelry designs, and we will work with you through the entire process, starting with the design concept. We can show you other custom jewelry pieces and help you understand the benefits and limitations of using various types of metals and gems, and what it might cost.

Step 2. The Sketch

A picture is worth a thousand words. Even if you "can't draw", simply pick up a pencil or a crayon, and make a rough sketch of your custom jewelry piece. It doesn't have to be drawn to scale. It doesn't have to be detailed. It doesn't have to be a perfect rendering of your jewelry design. It just has to show the basic idea and outline of the shape you can see in your mind's eye, so that we can see it too.

Step 3. CAD Rendering

Once the high-level design is understood, the next step is to render the design sketch into a CAD (computer aided design) drawing, which is a 3-D model of your jewelry. We will review the CAD drawing with you. The design can be further refined based on your comments and specifications.

Step 4. Prototyping

After you approve the final CAD model, we will create an accurate prototype of your piece in wax for you to review.

Step 5. Casting

The design may be rendered by a computer, but the basic process is as old as metallurgy. The wax prototype is used to create the mold, and then we pour molten metal into the mold to create the original casting of your piece.

Step 6. Finishing

Once the casting is cooled, we break it out of the mold, and set it with stones or whatever is needed to finish the piece.


Questions? Call us today at (412) 521-7364 to speak with our master jewelers about turning your ideas and design sketches into a beautiful, unique piece of wearable art!

Please feel free to contact us and send us a sketch of your idea. Your designs are safe with us! We have our own designs, and we will not use or sell your intellectual property for any other purpose than to make your custom jewelry.